We are a technology company dedicated to creating unique and
innovative products and services for the marketing industry
Our Brands
Our current brands include Clickso, Xverify, Adopia, Xoptin and SendMsgs. We use the latest cutting edge technology for the development of our systems to stay ahead of the competition.
Clickso is an affiliate marketing network dedicated to optimizing revenue for advertisers and publishers. Maximizing advertiser exposure and rewarding publishers are the goals for which Clickso continues to strive. Clickso's experienced staff knows that constantly evolving with affiliate marketing trends is important. However, the staff at Clickso knows that producing meaningful, reciprocal business relationships is the backbone to affiliate marketing.
Xverify is a data verification service that validates email, phone, and postal addresses in real time, while simultaneously protecting against harmful email addresses. The elite level of accuracy and response times are what separate Xverify from other data verification services. Xverify has a built-in fraud blocking system to identify temporary email accounts and high risk, frequent complainers. By identifying these temporary email accounts and complainers, Xverify helps increase clients deliverability.
Adopia is an email service provider mailing platform that allows you to email your lists through our server, while providing very detailed reporting. With Adopia you can manage your data to make better business decisions, helping you achieve high inbox delivery rates to boost your return on investment. We specialize in delivering your email newsletters where it needs to go. Optimizing your mailing methods to get the most of your campaigns is our goal at Adopia.
Xoptin is a CPC network that provides clients with simple way to earn money from their website using topical and captivating ads. With Xoptin you have control of the types of ads that appear on your pages, and by using the advanced reporting system, you are able to gauge their performance. Our friendly and experienced staff will use your performance data to optimize your spend across each traffic source. Making sure you attain and surpass your revenue goal is Xoptin’s number one priority.
Sendmsgs.com provides push notifications for web and mobile. Push your greetings and message towards your valuable customers without any hassle. Never worry about inboxing issues again! There are no downloads required and they will always out perform email opt ins. Create personal massages, auto responders and welcome greetings easily and never have to worry about spam folder issues. Utilize the segmentation and message scheduling to optimize your campaigns.

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About Us

VCN Media is an online marketing solution that specializes in an innovative approach to affiliate marketing by consistently surpassing industry standards. Our endeavor has been to develop in-house on every aspect of our business, to be self-sufficient, self-driven, and to utilize the best technical manpower available in the industry.

With our in-house programming and designing specialists, VCN Media provides the most cost-effective services to our clients. We provide all the affiliate marketing tools, which have been traditionally scattered and required considerable technical and business knowledge, now available at a single place with complete integration amongst each other. This allows clients to concentrate on their business instead of getting overwhelmed by the technical aspects of running and maintaining a profitable business.

We have isolated the technical side involved in high security database transactions, email marketing, website hosting, developing and designing, which are handled by highly qualified and experienced technicians whose goal is to consistently deliver only the absolute best.

Our Team
Vini Pal President & Founder
Vini is the President and Founder of VCN Media, LLC.
Fun Fact: Vini attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay
Nina Narang Vice President & CFO
Nina is the Vice President and Cheif Financial Officer of VCN Media, LLC.
Fun Fact: Nina owns and operates her own Realtor Company
Robert Huey CEO at Xverify
Robert is the Chief Executive Officer for our Email Verification Platform, Xverify.
Fun Fact: Rob does not have any fun facts.
Craig Ferrelli Business Development Manager
Craig is the Business Development Manager for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Craig is a craft beer enthusiast.
James Pillai Systems Analyst
James is our Systems Analyst professional for VCN Media, LLC
Fun Fact: James is very shy and didn't want to submit a fun fact.
Ian Brennan Performance Network Manager
Ian is the Perfomance Marketing Manager for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Ian has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Italian from the University of Colorado Boulder.
Greg Hultstrand Network Administrator
Greg is the Network Administrator of VCN Media, LLC.
Fun Fact: Greg once had Wendys for lunch for a week straight
Jaspreet Singh Program Developer
Jaspreet is the program developer for all VCN Media, LLC websites
Fun Fact: Jaspreet loves to play guitar in his free time.
Justin Summers Account Executive
Justin is an Account Executive for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Justin's last name is the name of a season
Matt Wolosz VP of Sales - Xverify
Matt is the VP of sales for our Email Verification platform, Xverify.
Fun Fact: Matt does not have any apps on his smartphone.
Krista Barrack Principal of Email Verification
Krista is the senior account manager for our Email Verification service, Xverify
Fun Fact: Krista only orders frappuccinos at Starbucks
Nirmal Panchal Web/Graphic Designer
Nirmal is the lead Web/Graphic Designer for VCN Media, LLC
Fun Fact: Nirmal attended Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK
Chris Wilson Assistant Account Manager
Chris is an Assistant Account Manager for our Email Verification service, Xverify
Fun Fact: Chris loves fashion and Chic-fil-a
Nicole Klimas Campaign Manager
Nicole is a Campaign Manager for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Nicole won the 2011 hotdog eating contest at the Dupage County fair.
Amy Caslin Account Manager
Amy is an Account Manager for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Amy has a Christmas countdown at her desk year round.
Manoj Salla Software Consultant
Manoj identifies technical problems and provide solutions
Fun Fact: Manoj spends countless hours organizing software to his liking
Anastasiya Bezkorovayna Accountant
Anastasiya is one of the Accountants for VCN Media, LLC.
Fun Fact: Anastasiya has traveled to 12% of the world!
Robert Sherman Account Manager
Robert buys and sells media to affiliate marketers.
Fun Fact: Robert likes to collect vintage comic book art.
Svetlana Mastits Accountant
Svetlana is one of the accountants for VCN Media, LLC
Fun Fact: Svetlana loves to eat breakfast for dinner
Brian Prestopic Account Manager
Brian is an account manager media buyer for internal web properties
Fun Fact: Brian has bowled four perfect games.
Ashish Jambhale Software Consultant
Ashish works on design, development and integration of the application in web environments.
Fun Fact: Owns two guitars and still doesn't know how to play
Sanjay Pal Senior Software Engineer
Sanjay works on web applications using Java/J2EE technologies & Active R&D team member.
Fun Fact: Sanjay's favorite drink is water
Natalya Odud Accounting Assistant
Natalya is one of the accountants for VCN Media, LLC.
Fun Fact: Natalya loves to go skydiving
Pat Normoyle Account Manager
Pat is an Affiliate Account Manager for our Performance Marketing Agency, Clickso.
Fun Fact: Pat has degrees in Criminal Justice & Political Science

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